Ant Yazı

Ant Yazı

Ant Yazı is a company that produces writing instruments such as whiteboards, boards, office backs, directional signs, etc. With more than 17 years of experience, Ant Yazı, which produces products that are indispensable elements of education, has a wide product portfolio. The company, which wanted to better reflect its corporate identity to its customers, needed a website. As a result of our meetings with the company officials, we designed a beautiful website that meets the wishes of the company.

Ant Yazı

On the website, first of all, we included corporate, contact and certificates pages to reflect the corporate structure of Ant Yazı. In addition, we included the products page to present all the products in the company's wide product portfolio as a catalog. It was prepared by taking into account search engine optimization criteria. Thus, the website ranks higher in searches. The website, which has an elegant interface, can be dynamically updated thanks to the Content Management System.



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