B2B E-commerce

B2B E-commerce

They are e-commerce site constructions for wholesale or promotional purposes. By definition, B2B is a broad concept that covers business-to-business services or commercial transactions. You can find more detailed explanations about B2B on our "B2B Marketing Strategy", "B2B Ordering System" and "B2B Wholesale and E-commerce" pages.

Advantages of B2B E-commerce Sites 

One advantage of B2B e-commerce sites is that they are not always public. A significant portion or all of the site content is often only accessible to members. This is because there are special pages and information that only members can see. The reason for this is that prices and sales conditions may vary depending on the agreements between businesses.

In addition to this, B2B e-commerce sites offer a number of other benefits. For example, they can streamline the purchasing process for businesses, allowing them to quickly and easily place orders for the products and services they need. This can save time and improve efficiency, ultimately leading to cost savings for both the buyer and the seller. B2B e-commerce sites can also help businesses to better manage their inventory and track their orders, making it easier to ensure that they have the right products on hand at all times.

Overall, B2B e-commerce sites can be an invaluable tool for businesses, helping them to better manage their operations and improve their bottom line. As such, more and more businesses are turning to these platforms to support their purchasing needs.

B2B e-commerce sites can have different membership types. According to the qualifications and privileges of the customers, they can see product prices, stock quantities, payment methods differently.  

One of the most important requirements of B2B e-commerce is integration. Software integration is provided to keep the prices and stock numbers of the products you publish on your website up to date with the corporate software / systems you work with. These software integrations are sometimes provided through the ready-made web services included in the corporate software itself, and sometimes through the solutions provided by third-party service providers. With the integration solution; products, current records, stock numbers, campaigns, product images and product information etc. can be integrated.

Thanks to B2B e-commerce sites, collections can be made securely. With integration solutions, dealer payments, dues, installment payments, etc. all kinds of collection transactions can be made quickly and securely

B2B e-commerce websites increase control within the company. With increased control, you can follow the work within the company more easily and work more efficiently by saving time.

We recommend B2B solutions for those who want to establish a dealer network and offer more flexible and faster services to your existing dealer network.  

Accelerate Presentation, Order, Payment Processes with B2B E-commerce Site!

In Which Sectors Is B2B E-commerce Site Used?

B2B e-commerce sites cannot be specifically associated with one sector. Every wholesale sector can benefit from the advantages of B2B e-commerce sites. However, in some sectors, B2B e-commerce sites are much more widely used. These sectors are textile, jewelry and shoemaking sectors. Below you can see some of our references where we offer B2B E-commerce solution.

B2B E-export Sites

We also offer B2B e-export solutions for our customers who have global goals and want to make their brands internationally recognized. In addition to the B2B e-commerce solutions mentioned above, we also offer services that support e-export such as providing prices in different languages and currencies according to the region or country where the user visiting the website is located, establishing international cargo tracking and automatic notification systems, and providing SEO services in foreign languages.

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B2B E-ticaret Yazılımı

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