Antonina Online Mektep

Antonina Online Mektep

We successfully developed a comprehensive e-learning platform for Antonina Turizm, featuring an array of educational modules, instructor profiles, and user-centric features. Utilizing agile methodologies, the platform offers seamless integrations with CRM, SMS, and payment systems, achieving both high user engagement and increased sales.

Antonina Online Mektep

Project Case Study: Antonina Online Mektep Website


For Antonina Turizm, we developed an Online Mektep (School) website to showcase and sell educational content. With diverse features like user accounts, educational modules, instructor profiles, information pages, and integrated campaigns, we aimed to create an interactive platform. Our agile approach ensured timely delivery with a focus on customer satisfaction.

Technologies Used

  • Backend: PHP
  • Frontend: JS, CSS
  • Payment: İyzico
  • SMS: Custom Integration
  • Email: Custom Digital 3rd Party. 

Main Features

  1. Educational Content & Live Broadcasts: Allowed sale of both live and recorded content. Integrated with Vimeo for video hosting.
  2. User-Friendly Forms: Customizable forms similar to Google Forms were developed to collect user data, especially for corporate clients. Data could be tracked and downloaded.
  3. Integrations:
    • SMS: Facilitated both bulk and individual SMS.
    • Email: Enabled automated email lists via Related Digital.
    • CRM: Integrated with Teamgram, even without an official API documentation.
    • Payment: Integrated İyzico for seamless transactions.

Challenges & Solutions

  • CRM Integration: We successfully integrated the CRM by proactive coordination.
  • Payment Flow: Ensured smooth, secure payment flow using İyzico, despite complex offerings and discount campaigns.


  • Lead Generation: Corporate landing pages generated significant B2B leads.
  • User Engagement: High interaction rates on both educational and informational content.
  • Sales: Notable increase in brand awareness due to a user-friendly interface and varied educational content

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