Content Management System

Content Management System

Content Management System

Content management systems, CMS as a commonly used abbreviation, are web applications that allow the content of websites to be changed through an online interface. The content management system is a system that is already used in many corporate websites of our company, where information, products, and other content to be published on the site interface can be easily managed, and necessary edits and reports can be displayed. Our content management system, which we have been developing for many years, is modular and up-to-date software running on a PHP / MySQL system. It is organized according to the requirements of the project and includes flexible software modules that can be developed.

Content Management System Modules

If you want to manage the content of the page on your website, it is possible to manage the desired areas through the content management system. Content management systems generally have practical use in the form of adding content, listing and viewing existing content.

Promotion and Information Pages 

Pages are created within the website to describe a product or service. The administration panel of your website, which is a system that can respond to needs such as using photos in the content of these pages, writing description texts, adding tables, and embedding videos, is configured to meet these needs. You can define special styles for texts, create lists, and add images through the HTML editor in the administration panel.

Content Management System - CMS Modules

Products / Services Management System

It consists of adding, editing existing products, and listing product sections. When adding products, you can choose which category they are in, upload description texts, product images, and product-specific files/documents associated with a YouTube video with the product enter keywords for the product's search engine definitions. At the same time, if you want to create special fields such as the product's code number, and barcode number, you can tell us what these fields will be at the beginning of the work. We will customize our software according to your requirements.

Category Management

It is the module where you manage the categories of your products. It consists of a category list, category detail, and adding category sections. You can add new categories, view existing categories, edit their rankings, descriptions, and keywords for search engine performance, or unpublish them. You have the possibility to upload a cover image to categories.


Regularly updated blog pages on websites are used by many companies. Blog pages usually share informative and useful content about your industry or company. Thanks to blogs, your users' trust in you increases and you can become a more reputable company in the sector. You can regularly enter content and images in the blog section in the content management panel.

Photo Gallery

It is possible to upload all kinds of photos from your company, manufacturing, loading, packaging, or any kind of photos you want to exhibit, and add short descriptions and captions to the photos you upload. These photos are listed on the photo gallery page. When clicked, the large version opens with a short description.

Video Gallery

Text and images are used to make a service or product promoted on the website more attractive to users. In some cases, text and visuals may not meet your needs, so promotional videos are highly preferred at such times. Because videos are much more interesting and entertaining for users than images and text. You can upload the videos you want with the video gallery section in the content management panel.

Certificates / Documents

You can upload some of your certificates and documents to be displayed on your company's corporate pages and product pages. It is possible to enter short descriptions to these documents, determine their image and change their order.


We present in an aesthetic format which categories or products receive more visits, and which products receive more applications from request forms, not only in numbers but also in pie and bar charts to make it more understandable.

CMS Content Management System


Fixed Content Pages

Pages that are not updated frequently such as about the company, privacy terms, terms of use, user agreement, quality policy, and similar pages can be managed from the fixed content pages management module.

Promotion / Information Pages

This is the module where you can manage your content sections that can be enriched as you enter content such as new product introductions, campaign announcements, important developments related to your industry, newsworthy announcements, fair announcements, useful information, and frequently asked questions. The content you enter through these modules, the titles, and the keywords you choose have an important role in increasing your search engine performance.

Media Management

You can create custom information pages by uploading YouTube videos or photos and enriching them with short descriptions.

Catalog Management

You can download your company catalog with the PDF icon at the bottom or top of your website. With this module, it is possible to upload, edit or name your catalog.

Slide Images

The management of your slide images prepared in accordance with the information you want to highlight on the homepage of your website is done from this module. You can upload slide images, and enter short descriptions, rankings, and keywords important for search engine performance. You can also define a link to the slide images.

System Settings

This is the section where system settings such as the definition of the URL where your website is published, registration of the map coordinates that will appear on the contact page, company address, telephone information, and entering private e-mail information to be used for sending contact forms are made.

E-newsletter Registrations

An e-newsletter registration form is added to your website. You can download the information of users who register their e-mail addresses to your system in excel format in bulk. After entering their e-mail addresses, they are asked to approve the KVKK and Usage Agreements. They then confirm their newsletter registration by clicking on the confirmation link sent to their e-mail address. You will then be able to send promotional newsletters to these people in a legal and approved form.

Excel Data Management

If you want to download products and categories with short descriptions and keywords in excel format, then upload the edited excel file and update your products in bulk, you can use this module.

Greeting & Announcement Module

You can show important announcements or holiday greetings on your website in the pop-up format as soon as your page opens. It is preferred for fair announcements, new product announcements, and holiday greetings. You can ensure that it is published within the date range you specify. You can prepare announcements in advance.

Database Backup and Restore

If you want to provide a backup of the changes you have made to the website and restore the site information from this backup at any time, you can take advantage of the database backup module.

Human Resources 

There is a CV upload feature with the standard human resources form. Open positions can be specified and applications can be made for these positions.

File Management

If you want some standard documents such as corporate identity, user manuals, reference resources, reports, presentation files, logos, and warranty documents to be available for download on your website, you can use the file management module. A file archive will be created on your site by uploading the file name, short description, and file.

Special Forms

If you want to add different forms such as dealer application form, complaint form, and evaluation form in addition to the standard contact form on your website, we can create special forms that include the fields you specify to us with custom forms.

Multi-Language Support

For your company that wants to open up to the world, your website will be programmed to support the languages you want, especially English, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, and French.

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