CRM - Customer Relationship Management Software

CRM - Customer Relationship Management Software

CRM, also known as "Customer Relationship Management", is a digital solution for managing your company's interactions with an existing and potential customer

Depending on what data you want to manage, you can decide which CRM software to use. While some companies may find the CRM modules of their corporate software sufficient as part of their sales-marketing efforts, others prefer specialized CRM software where they can perform deeper data analysis. For those who know what they want, determining which data to manage and how to manage it can facilitate the CRM software development process. It is important to determine how the CRM software will be used by whom, to provide the necessary training, and to ensure that everyone in the team adopts the system.

Information and Data are Different Things.

Having access to open data is not enough to analyze them to reach the right conclusions. It is necessary to read the data you have correctly and analyze it to reach the right conclusions. Data management is successful to the extent that it can provide knowledge. Managing data correctly is becoming more and more important every day. We agree with the view that companies that cannot read their data and manage their data have no place in the future.

CRM Software Integrated with Your E-commerce or Corporate Websit

If you are the owner of an e-commerce site, if you have a large number of members, reading the purchase and navigation data of these members correctly, managing customer interactions, making the right analysis, and managing your site's content and products is an indispensable condition. We provide integration studies for transferring contact records and sales data from your website to CRM software. At the same time, we develop special CRM software to capture this data and manage them correctly.

Planning Marketing Activities, Field Tracking, and Customer Interaction Records with CRM

Are you complaining about not being able to return to your customers on time? With CRM software, you can make these processes more manageable. Scheduled customer visits, keeping records of which customer was contacted and for what purpose, and accessing this reference information when necessary not only strengthens the corporate memory of companies but also makes it easier for them to take the right steps at the right time. Are you complaining about not being able to return to your customers on time? With CRM software, you can make these processes more manageable.

CRM Applications for SMEs

When it comes to CRM, only systems used by large enterprises can come to mind. However, there are many enterprise software programs that small businesses with growth targets can benefit from. You don't need to invest in software that requires big budgets to manage customer visits, marketing activities, or offers.

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