Launched in 2020, Meetsize is a Saas-based classifieds platform that offers online meeting room rental services.


Introducing Meetsize, the one-stop platform for finding and booking the perfect venue for your next meeting or event! With our user-friendly interface and advanced features, you can easily browse listings of nearby venues, complete with detailed descriptions and pricing information. Plus, our flexible software allows you to select your desired rental date from a convenient calendar view. Whether you're a property owner looking to advertise your space or a professional in need of a stylish and functional meeting room, Meetsize is the solution for you. Sign up today and discover the power of Meetsize

As a web developer, we are excited to introduce Meetsize, a platform that brings together property owners and those in need of a meeting space. With our user-friendly interface and advanced features, such as the ability to select rental dates from a convenient calendar view, Meetsize is the ideal solution for finding and booking the perfect venue. Our flexible software allows for custom design, making it suitable for use as a real estate website or an advertisement platform. The website interface, functions, and content management system are all products of our company. We are confident that Meetsize will revolutionize the way people find and book meeting spaces.

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