Online Newsletter Software

Online Newsletter Software

What is an e-newsletter?

It is an e-newsletter software to send e-mails to recipient groups in bulk. The email newsletter includes a summary view consisting of an image, title and short description. When the links are clicked, the details of the newsletter will be displayed at a special address, for example a subdomain such as Viewing statistics will be graphically displayed in the administration panel of the newsletter system.

It is an e-newsletter software to send e-mails to recipient groups in bulk

Members and Member Groups Management : This is the module where e-bulletin recipients (members) are organized. It is possible to add, view or delete members from the member and member groups management pages. 

Newsletter Management: It consists of a header image, header text, short description text and newsletter text, as well as a custom address field, keywords and categories sections. This is how newsletters are created and managed. Newsletter texts can be edited using the HTML editor in the management panel. Thus, different images, links and lists can be added within the texts. You can make it open or closed to search engine indexing. You can set the publication status as public or private from the website.  
Statistics: The statistics section on the panel can be used to see which newsletters have reached how many people, how many times they have been viewed, which users have clicked on the links of which newsletters. 

Newsletter Templates: There are two standard templates, either as a list submission with the registered newsletters of your choice, or as a standalone display with a single newsletter.

System Management: This is the module where your letterhead information such as e-mail settings, your company logo, your web address specially created for the newsletter, notification texts such as privacy and kvkk texts, your company's website address, telephone and address information will be managed. You can choose between which hours you want the newsletter to run.  

Newsletter Scheduling: This is the module where you can schedule a newsletter to be sent on the date you specify. For example, you can prepare newsletters before official and religious holidays and have these newsletters run automatically. 

Excel Data Management: You can print out the recipients and recipient groups in Excel, edit them and upload them back to the system. 

Category Management: You can categorize the newsletters if you want. There are two levels as main category and sub-category. The published newsletters are listed on the website under these category headings with the newest at the top. These categories can be news, campaigns, announcements, congratulations, new products or press releases. You can also add new categories yourself. You can determine the publication status of the categories on the website from the administration panel. For example, you can choose not to publish holiday greetings on the website. 

Creating a Blacklist: You can add certain e-mail addresses to the blacklist. Or you can also blacklist a domain name you specify. The blacklist is not sent. 

Newsletter Duplication: You can duplicate a previously prepared newsletter and create a new newsletter by editing it.

Draft Management: You can prepare newsletters and save them as drafts. You can then create your new newsletters faster and more practically by duplicating these drafts.  

Standard Features

  • Find and clean recurring recipients. 
  • Ability to unsubscribe from the newsletter 
  • Mobile compatible (Responsive) 

Website Complies with News / Newsletter Format

Standard Bulletin Site

It is the website that opens when the link in the e-mail newsletter is clicked. The opened newsletter page includes the company logo, menu, newsletter title, newsletter text and images

The newsletters you choose to publish will be listed on the homepage with the newest at the top. If optional modules are selected, the newsletter categories will appear in the top menu. It is possible to personalize with color, font and minor revisions (online example will be provided)

Special Bulletin Site 

It is a newsletter site that will be prepared specially for you in a structure compatible with your company's corporate identity.  Newsletter homepage, menu, listing and detail pages are designed from scratch in accordance with your requests.

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