Online Offer Management Software

Online Offer Management Software

Every Offer is an Opportunity

Online offer management software is a web-based online offer tracking and management software that allows you to send online offers to your customers defined in the system and track the status of the offers. In the standard feature of the system; you can upload your own PDF, Word, Excel documents to the system and send them to your customers via e-mail via the proposal software. You can view the status of the sent offers and then filter them according to the status of the offers. You can list your registered offers according to their submission dates. After the offers sent through the system reach the recipient, the system receives information that they have reached the recipient. Buyers are asked to download the offer through the system. The information whether the offer has been downloaded or not can be viewed on the panel.

Online Offer Management Software Modules

Customer Management: This is the module where customers are organized. The information of your customers will be recorded. Company name, address, contact information, etc. fields can be edited according to the request.

Offer Management: As a standard feature of the system, PDF or Word documents prepared on your computer will be uploaded to the system. These documents are archived on the cloud server or hosting server.

Opportunity Management: You can save business opportunities in the system and convert these opportunities into proposals and monitor their status.

Statistics: We present statistics about the created and sent offers in a graphical representation. You can make small adjustments according to the number of offers by months, registered current accounts and the types of statistics you want to see.

System Management: It is the module where your information such as e-mail settings, your company's logo, notification texts such as privacy and kvkk texts, your company's website address, phone and address information will be managed.

Projectable Optional Software Modules

Product Management and Offer Creation System : You can upload your products to the system and make different pricing by making item-by-item selections by product code number or product name. You can also write discount rates or offer details through the system and create a PDF output through the system in accordance with a predetermined format.

Excel Data Management: You can take Excel printouts of current records, products and price lists, created / sent offers and edit them and upload them back to the system.

Website Integration: You can ensure that the data from your website's contact form is saved as an opportunity.

Cloud Storage Integration: If you want to store your offer files on a separate cloud server, we can make the online offer management system integrated with cloud storage service providers. Your cloud server must support integration. (example: dropbox)

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