Social Media Management

Social Media Management

What is Social Media Management? 

It is a type of service that can be summarized as sharing appropriate content at the right time by managing your social media accounts by experts. Preparing sharing media, finding sharing ideas, sharing at appropriate times and with appropriate frequency will increase the number of followers of your social media account. Knowing which actions to take as well as which actions not to take is the magic key to social media management. 

This Complementary Service of Digital Marketing Shouldn't Need Packages. 

Is it really necessary to provide social media management, which is part of digital marketing services, as a separate package through another company with different experts?  In cases where social media is used as a major marketing channel, it may be necessary to manage the accounts separately by the experts of these channels. But in all other cases, we believe that a dedicated social media manager is not needed. Because the posts of many company accounts, where social media activity remains within certain limits, can easily be managed by a digital agency with another service. 

The main social channels are:

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