Tamşan Gold

Tamşan Gold

Started in 1984, Tamşan started to continue its activities in the jewelry sector digitally as of 2021 and is one of the well-established companies known in the sector in the production and marketing of gold and silver jewelry.

Tamşan Gold

As Engin Tasarım, we have developed B2B online ordering system software for Tamşan Gold. With our B2B software, it realizes the presentation of special gold jewelry to its dealers. With the B2B software that makes it easier to take orders for products, customers who want to order wholesale products can see new models through our system and transmit their orders to Tamşan Gold quickly and easily. Each of the system features has been developed in line with the demands of Tamşan Gold. Receiving orders, confirming the order, and managing the models can be realized through B2B software. Our B2B ordering system, which is preferred by manufacturers, has been dynamically prepared to be published in the desired language. Tamşan Gold's website is published in Turkish, English, and Spanish

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