Technical Support and Hosting Services

Technical Support and Hosting Services

Domain Name Management

Domain names are one of the basic building blocks of the Internet world. The domain name is the result of the naming method used instead of the IP address. The name of your website is called a domain name or domain, which is used by adding an extension such as .com, .net to the end of the name. For example: is the domain name of Engin Tasarım. Choosing the right domain name is extremely important for corporate companies because choosing a good domain name makes the website easy to remember. Thus, it contributes to the reputation and awareness of your company in the digital world. For these reasons, domain name selection and management is important. With the domain name management service we offer, we track the usage periods of your domain names and hosting packages for you without having to deal with service providers and renew them on time.

Installation and Monitoring of Security CertificatesInstallation and Monitoring of Security Certificates

The presence of an SSL security certificate is extremely important for websites, especially e-commerce websites. SSL security certificates are used to protect your website from cyber attackers and to ensure that your customers' data is securely stored. Thanks to this security system, data transported from one point to another are encrypted and protected. Thus, critical information such as personal information and credit card numbers of your customers and visitors are protected.

Website Backup 

Due to cyber attackers or technical failures, your website may be damaged and important data may be lost. In such cases, periodic backup service is very important to quickly repair the website and recover the data. With our periodic backup service, even if things go wrong on your website, everything can be restored in a short time.

Website Backup

Technical Support

After the launch of your website, technical maintenance and updates are required at certain time intervals. Within the scope of our Technical Support services, we provide maintenance services such as testing of forms and transactions and detection of broken links for user experience on your website. In addition, we quickly intervene in the technical problems you encounter. With our Technical Support services, we ensure that your website will serve you for many years without any problems.

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