Turkish Cosmetics - İKMİB

Turkish Cosmetics - İKMİB

TurkishCosmetics.org is a company portal published at this address. It was created for IKMIB - Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters' Association, a member of the Turkish Exporters Assembly. The website, designed for visitors to easily access the products and contact information of member companies, has been online since 2016.

Turkish Cosmetics - İKMİB

Hundreds of registered companies, hundreds of registered products. The company portal software was developed specifically for İKMİB. The specially designed turkishcosmetics.org has been visited by many people from around the world since its publication. A web portal was created where each member can enter their own products into the system and edit their own company information. In addition to company and product information, the website also provides access to all issues of the BEAUTYLAND magazine. Fair announcements, news in the press, and corporate introduction pages are also available. 


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