Türkiye Maarif Vakfı

Türkiye Maarif Vakfı

Engin Tasarım partnered with the Turkey Maarif Foundation, active in 85 countries, to deliver custom, multilingual, mobile-optimized, and secure web software. This centralized solution streamlines global website management for the foundation. Our innovative web solutions enhance their global digital footprint effectively.

Türkiye Maarif Vakfı

Initial Project Requirements

The aim of the Turkish Maarif Foundation was to have a manageable, updatable, multi-lingual, and comprehensive web infrastructure.

Innovative Solutions We Offer

Mobile Focus: Developed a user-friendly and fast mobile interface considering mobile traffic.

Unified Management Panel: Different websites in 85 countries can be effectively managed from a single central panel. Creating sub-sites and managing their content is easily done.

SEO Expertise: Strategic SEO work keeps content at the forefront of search engines.

Multi-language Support: Multiple language options allow for interaction in the user's native language. Additional languages can be added as needed.

Professional Planning: The project was brought to life with professional planning from start to finish.

Project Features

Multi-language addition feature for the management panel and the site frontend.

Data Migration: High volume of content is transferred without loss and without losing links.

Displaying the foundation's global education system schools on maps.

Widget-based page creation features.

Easy Sub-site Creation and Management

Multiple user management, authorizations, etc.

Server management and security procedures.

Landing page features.

Smart distribution of content to sub-sites. Functional sub-site content management.

Dynamic Forms: Manageable forms have been modularized and added to the system.


Thanks to the high-quality, customized, and freshly-designed web infrastructure developed by Engin Design, the Turkish Maarif Foundation has established more effective interaction with its target audience. User interaction and site visit durations have increased, and the foundation has significantly strengthened its global digital presence.

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