Yakut Tank

Yakut Tank

It is one of the companies we have been working with since the first day of our company's establishment. Yakut Kazan, which operates in the production of pressure tanks, exports to many countries of the world today.

Yakut Tank

Yakut Kazan, which operates in the manufacture of pressure tanks and boilers, is one of the companies established with 100% domestic capital and operating in the sector for many years, which has managed to export to many countries of the world with the positive contributions of digital marketing and online advertising with its website. On the website, products and services such as air tanks, separator tanks, fuel - storage tanks and special productions are introduced. Introductions of the production departments of the factory are included on the inner pages. The website highlights references, fair announcements, important news, countries of export and the quality certificates and certifications of the company. The website is published in Turkish at yakutkazan.com and in English at https://yakuttank.com/.

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