Cemal Şakar

Cemal Şakar

Born in 1962 in Gönen, Balıkesir, Cemal Şakar started his literary career in 1982 and is currently the editorial director of the e-literary magazine www.edebistan.com and the editorial advisor of Muhayyel Magazine.

Cemal Şakar

The website was designed to introduce the literary identity of Cemal Şakar and to present his works to his followers. In line with our meetings with Cemal Şakar, the design, map and content of the website were customized in line with his demands. The website was designed dynamically and its content can be easily updated thanks to the CMS (Content Management System).

In addition to the about section, where Cemal Şakar's biography and literary identity are introduced, there is a works section on the website. In the works section, Cemal Şakar's works are categorized and introduced in 3 classes: books, essays and stories. In the written articles section, there are publications such as articles and interviews about Cemal Şakar. In the events section of the website, events organized or attended by Cemal Şakar are shared with his followers. In addition to these, there is also an interviews section divided into two categories for easy access to Cemal Şakar's written and video interviews. Finally, the website is supported by the communication module and e-bulletin module prepared for his followers to contact him.


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