Masel Kalıp Elemanları

Masel Kalıp Elemanları

Masel Kalıp is a mold manufacturing company with more than 15 years of knowledge and experience in the sector. In our first meetings with Masel Kalıp, we first prepared a work plan that will respond to the company's requests and requirements. Then, we continued our design work by sticking to this plan. As a result of a tight teamwork and our cooperation with Masel Kalıp company officials, we launched the website. We share the joy of contributing to the success achieved with the launch of the website.

Masel Kalıp Elemanları

About us and contact pages, which should definitely be included in corporate websites, are also available on this website. In addition to this page, the page titled Grinded License Plate introduces in detail the services provided by the company about grinded license plates. In addition, there is a module where you can customize your plate with standard plates or special sizes. On this website, which has an integrated system with the e-commerce system, customers can easily and safely shop online by creating a membership. After becoming a member of the site, you can easily enter your Grinded plate dimensions and material information, see your price with quantities according to the dimensions you have entered and add it to the cart. When you decide to order the products in your cart, it is possible to purchase by selecting your delivery address and payment method. The visual and written content on the website can be dynamically edited thanks to the Content Management System. The user-friendly website is mobile compatible and optimized.

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