Integral Group

Integral Group

Integral Group is a company with a wide range of products for sports facilities, operating in the sector with 12 brands, and exporting its products to more than 50 countries around the world. The work we started in 2020 continues at full speed with Integral Group.

Integral Group

The purpose of the Integral Group website is primarily to introduce 12 different brands within the company, to provide information about the products by making the best corporate promotions of the company. Application areas, certificates, promotional videos, sample application photos of each brand can be viewed on the brand detail pages. In addition, there is a characteristic representation of the export countries on the map on the site. By clicking on these countries, the addresses of their representative offices, if any, can be displayed, and if there is no representative office, application forms are shown to the visitor. Optimization work has been carried out in the most sensitive way to ensure that the website opens fast and is navigated quickly. The website has online chat and contact form integrations. These forms are integrated with the ERP software used by the company. The website was prepared in six languages. After the content work was completed, translation into other languages was organized by us.

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