Doğu Kompresör

Doğu Kompresör

Doğu Compressor, which provides services in the field of compressed air systems, started its activities in Istanbul / Ikitelli in 2001. In the meetings we held with Doğu Kompresör, we first identified the needs of the company and created a work plan consisting of studies that will meet these needs. By sticking to this plan, we carried out a hard work and launched the website.

Doğu Kompresör

About Us and Contact pages, which introduce the corporate structure of the companies, are also available on this website.
In addition to these pages, there is also a page titled news where news about the activities of Dogu Compressor company is available. The references page, where the references of the company are exhibited, also shows the corporate achievements of the company to its customers. In addition, the products page, where the products are categorized and general & technical specifications about the products are introduced to the customers, is available on the website.  The website, which is optimized in the best way, is designed to be user-friendly by making it mobile compatible. In addition to these features, thanks to the in-site search bar on the website, customers can easily find the keywords they are looking for on the website. The website includes redirects to relevant social media pages and a Content Management System. Thanks to the Content Management System, the company can easily edit the content on the website.

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