Since 1981, Gürfil started production in the electricity sector; It is a company that serves its customers in the hose, pipe and electricity sectors, especially in the cable sector. In the meetings we held with the officials of Gürfil company, we first created a road map that will respond to the company's requests and needs. In the following process, we continued the design of the website by adhering to this road map. As a result of a harmonious and tight teamwork, we offered the services they wanted to Gürfil company in a short time.


About us, our quality policies and contact pages, which must be included in the websites of companies that attach importance to institutionalization, are also available on this website. In addition to these pages, there is also a page explaining the technical terms about Gürfil's fields of activity. With this page, the website serves as a reference website. There is also a products page where the products are categorized and general technical specifications about the products are introduced to the customers. The website, which is optimized in the best way, is designed to be user-friendly by making it mobile compatible. In addition to these features, the website has 4 different language options: Turkish, English, Arabic and Russian.

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