Teknik Tanker

Teknik Tanker

Teknik Tanker has been serving in the fields of water tanker manufacturing, landfill manufacturing, fuel tanker manufacturing, vacuum truck manufacturing since 1977. Teknik Tanker wanted to improve itself in the digital world with a website design that best reflects its corporate identity. In this context, we started the design of their website by determining their wishes in our meetings with them. With the harmony we achieved with the company during the design process of the website and the hard work of our team, we launched the website in a short time.

Teknik Tanker

On the new website of Teknik Tanker, detailed content works were carried out by creating pages for the production of water tankers, trenchers, fuel tankers, food tankers, landfills and vacuum trucks. In addition to service pages, product detail pages were also created according to their weights and features. In addition to category and product promotion pages, an about us page and a contact page were created to introduce the company. Customers can easily contact the company thanks to the social media icons and communication module with redirects to the relevant social media pages. The website, which has a user-friendly and elegant interface, has been optimized, accelerated and made compatible with all devices. Thanks to the Content Management System, the content on the website is easily managed by the company.


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