Label Jewellery

Label Jewellery

We have been working with Label Jewellery since 2004. Since we started, we have been providing services in websites, online presentations and ordering systems, B2B solutions, and social media management

Label Jewellery

The Label Jewellery website is designed to be simple and easy to use.  Label Jewellery products are only sold through sales points and there are many sales points in almost every city. The website was updated in 2019.

B2B Online Store | Jewelry E-commerce

One of the most important functions of the website, in addition to showing models to the end user, is the presence of a special B2B platform where all models are displayed. In the B2B platform, all models are displayed with their code numbers and weight information. Memberships can be defined through the management panel and models can be offered to interested parties. 

Instagram | Social Media Management

The management of the Label Jewellery Instagram account is included in the digital agency services we provide for Label Jewellery. Starting from scratch with an Instagram account setup in 2018, our social media promotions have exceeded 50,000 users as of today. We continue to conduct advanced social media analyses with tools such as user engagement improvement efforts and target audience optimization on the Label Jewellery Instagram account, where a new model is shared every day. 

Website Content Editing

Our content editing service for both the user-oriented interface of the website and the B2B (open only to dealers) side is included in our digital agency services. We provide content preparation, editing, and implementation of requested changes for publishing. 

Search Engine Optimization

In order to improve the SEO performance of the website and enable more visitors to visit the site from search engines, we have gained access to a significant amount of customer potential as a result of our keyword, analysis, and SEO services. 

You can learn more about our services for the jewelry sector by reviewing our related services and contacting us by phone or through the form below. 

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