Prof. Dr. Olcay Yazıcı

Prof. Dr. Olcay Yazıcı

Prof. Dr. Olcay Yazıcı graduated from Istanbul University Istanbul Faculty of Medicine in 1972 and after his military service, he joined the psychiatry clinic of the same faculty as an assistant in 1974. He became a specialist in 1979, assistant professor in 1982, associate professor in 1986 and professor in 1995. He voluntarily retired in October 2010. In the meetings we held with Prof. Dr. Olcay Yazıcı, we first drew a road map that responded to his wishes. Then, we started our design work by maintaining a healthy communication with our professor. After the design of the website was completed and passed the test stages, it was published and enabled our professor to reach a wider audience.

Prof. Dr. Olcay Yazıcı

This website is designed to make it easier for Prof. Dr. Olcay Yazici to introduce his work and himself to his patients and our society. Individual websites have about and contact pages where the owner of the website is introduced. In addition to this page, there is a books page where Prof. Dr. Olcay Yazıcı's books are introduced. In addition to these pages, frames of natural beauties are also available on the website. The website, which is optimized and accelerated, is also mobile compatible. Thanks to the Content Management System on the site, the content on the site can be easily edited by Prof. Dr. Olcay Yazıcı.

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