Öner Ofis Sistemleri

Öner Ofis Sistemleri

Founded in 2004, Öner Office Partition Systems offers office partition systems and solutions. Öner Office Systems, which effectively follows the changing user needs and the developing technological process; It serves with our wide range of products on office partition systems. Öner Office Systems, which wanted to bring its services to a wider audience, wanted to have a new website. With the meetings we held with the company, we analyzed the company's requests and prepared a website that responds to these requests.

Öner Ofis Sistemleri

It is an example of a SME website where the works done are listed with photos and short descriptions, references are exhibited, and the services provided by the company are explained. We have been working with Öner Ofis since 2015. The website was renewed three times during this period and various updates were made. The management of the website through the management panel is under the management of our customer.

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