Sefa Yangın

Sefa Yangın

Sefa Yangın website, which operates in fire extinguishing systems, was launched in 2019. It is one of our prominent references among corporate web design examples.

Sefa Yangın

It is a website where various product groups from fire products to automatic extinguishing systems to extinguishing chemicals are promoted. The fact that search engine performance has continued to increase since the day it was launched is the most prominent feature that distinguishes Sefa Yangın website from other corporate promotion sites. This project, where the website content editing was done by us, was designed as a dynamic website. After the coding was completed in Laravel infrastructure, it was designed and prepared for publication in only 2 months with the loading of the content by performing tests. This project, where the request forms can also be viewed from the website management panel, is one of our websites with the highest opening and navigation speed.

sefa yangın web sitesi arayüz tasarımı frontendsefa yangın

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