Lawyer Çiğdem Topaç

Lawyer Çiğdem Topaç

Lawyer Çiğdem Topaç was born in Istanbul on April 29, 1981 and after 15 years of experience in the real sector, she continues her legal profession with the Law Office she established. Ms. Çiğdem Topaç requested a website to be designed with the aim of better promoting her office and the services she offers to her clients. In line with Çiğdem Topaç's wishes, we realized the design of the website and launched it.

Lawyer Çiğdem Topaç

The about us, contact and documents & certificates pages on the website provide clients with corporate information about the firm. The page titled "Areas of Practice" on the website describes in detail the services offered by the office in a categorized manner. The social media icons on the website direct clients to the relevant social media accounts. In addition, the blogs on the Blog page on the website prove the competence of the office in its field. Thanks to the CMS (Content Management System), the content on the website can be dynamically updated. The optimized and accelerated website is mobile compatible.

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