Estecool is a professional digital agency with expert and experienced staff. With our personalized and high-quality service, we have established ourselves as the destination for beauty. With more than 15 years of experience, we continue to serve with the slogan "Do something for yourself!". Estecool wanted to reflect its corporate identity in the best way possible with a web design in the digital world. In this context, we started the design of their website after determining their requests in our meetings. Thanks to the compatibility we achieved with the company and the hard work of our team, we were able to launch the website in a short time.


On Estecool's new website, detailed content studies were carried out by creating the categories of hair removal, skin care, regional slimming, nutrition and diet. Sub-service titles of all these titles were also created and services were promoted. In addition to the services, the products that Estecool sells online were added to the site and the site was made ready for online shopping. The website, which has a user-friendly stylish interface, has been optimized and accelerated and made compatible with all devices. Thanks to the Content Management System, the content on the website is easily managed by the company.



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