B2B Marketing Strategy

B2B Marketing Strategy

What is B2B Marketing?

B2B (Business to business) is a marketing and trade model that means business to business in Turkish. The B2B business model usually takes place between manufacturers or wholesalers and other corporate firms. Consumers are not in the equation in the B2B trade model. Corporate firms carry out their purchases and sales in line with certain strategies. Sustainable development can only be achieved with the right strategies. Today, with the development of technology, many corporate businesses are turning to B2B Marketing Strategies and B2B software to speed up business processes such as procurement, quotation, approval and ordering. Thanks to these software, companies with a dealer network can make their products, current stock and price information accessible only to approved website members, making their processes faster, reducing workload and thus increasing their productivity. However, it should not be forgotten that these software become efficient when used in line with quality B2B Marketing Strategies.

What are B2B Marketing Strategies?

  • SEO

    In order to conduct B2B trade, companies must first trust you. In this context, it is very important that your website is visible in search engines. In order to increase your company's rankings in Search Engines, you need to give importance to SEO work.

  • Social Media and E-Newsletter Management

    Today, the presence of corporate businesses on Social Media platforms is a necessity. However, not every social media platform should be considered the same. Because the intended use and user base of each social media platform is different. For example, Instagram and Facebook are more useful for personal use and B2C marketing techniques. However, social media channels such as LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter are much more useful and important for corporate businesses. LinkedIn is the most important B2B Social Media channel with more than 30 million companies and 15 million active job postings, with more than 90% of employers using it regularly.

  • Content Marketing

    The most important element in the B2B trade model is mutual trust between businesses. Thanks to websites, blogs, social media posts and advertisements supported by written, visual or video content with quality and original content, you can prove your expertise in the sector in which you operate. By proving your expertise in your sector, you ensure that the companies you deal with trust you.

  • Marketing as a Team Work

    In industrial markets, technical knowledge is often important. As we have mentioned before, purchasing departments do not care about price, but price-performance ratio. In this context, B2B marketing should be supported by technical personnel who have a good command of the technical aspects of the business. For this reason, each of your technical experts is also a marketing expert.

  • Education Events

    Technical trainings are one of the most effective methods of connecting with corporate businesses in industrial markets. Technical trainings that you can organize on an annual or monthly basis are highly efficient promotional techniques. With these events, you can both increase the popularity of your company and gain loyal customers in the long term.

  • Segmentation

    Marketing strategies should be flexible according to circumstances. Since different segments in the sector have different wants and needs, you should customize your B2B marketing strategies for each segment. By segmenting, you can appeal to your target audience more easily, so you can reach more efficient and effective agreements.

B2B Marketing Strategy

Determining the B2B marketing strategy is important in terms of determining the nature of the website and software applications. It is necessary to analyze your target market, examine the status of your existing resources, and make a planning considering that corporate software integration may be necessary.

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