B2B Wholesale and E-commerce

B2B Wholesale and E-commerce

We offer flexible e-commerce solutions according to the different operation methods of companies. Meet our boutique software solutions. You can move your wholesale or retail trade to the digital environment with our B2B wholesale e-commerce solutions that can be organized according to your wishes and needs and compatible with your company's business processes.

B2B Wholesale and E-commerce Advantages

Like other companies, you can take advantage of the opportunities provided by the internet to present your products, innovations and campaigns to your customers faster and to keep them informed about innovations. It is now much easier and faster than before to share your new products and receive retail or wholesale orders via your website or mobile application. Orders and collections are easily realized through B2B e-commerce sites.

Any online platform that allows manufacturers to carry out marketing and collection transactions with their dealers over the internet can be considered as B2B (business to business) e-commerce.

With B2B e-commerce sites, you can sell retail or wholesale on multiple different e-commerce sites at the same time. You can create more than one dealer or wholesaler group in our B2B e-commerce systems. Dealers who shop as corporate; can shop with prices customized for them in their accounts, see their current account statements and make payments with the virtual POS feature. In addition to these, they can also see their current information.

What are B2B Wholesale and E-commerce Complementary Services

Accelerate your wholesale and retail sales with B2B e-commerce sites. You can increase your market share by reaching more people in less time. You can gain new customers by using online advertisements and increase your brand awareness by using the promotional opportunities of social media. You can learn more about the services we provide by reviewing our target audience analysis services. Are you ready to compete on digital platforms? It's not too late to start retail and wholesale sales over the internet. We can analyze your needs to start e-commerce and offer you our suitable solutions.

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