Berrak Mekanik

Berrak Mekanik

Berrak Mekanik is a company that continues to produce different types of water tanks with its team specialized in fast, high quality and universal standards. In the first meetings between our expert team and Berrak Mekanik officials, we first prepared a work plan in line with the requirements of the company. During the design process, we stuck to this plan with healthy communication and effective cooperation. Thanks to the work we carried out with the spirit of jewelry, we had a share in achieving satisfactory results.

Berrak Mekanik

Since Berrak Mekanik is one of the few manufacturers in the Marmara region, the corporate identity of the company was important for us. In this context, about us, frames from production and contact sections were created on the website, which primarily provide information about the organization. The website also includes references, documents and human resources sections. Another important element on the website is the products section, where the categorization of products and detailed information about the products are given. In addition to this section, customers can request a price from the company with the request form feature. The website is also supported with links to social media accounts, Frequently Asked Questions and e-bulletin module features. In addition, English and Turkish language options are also available on the website. For Berrak Mekanik company, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google ad management, hosting and digital marketing and development services were also provided by us and the website was transformed into a user-friendly website.




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