Yeşilköy Roma Dondurmacısı

Yeşilköy Roma Dondurmacısı

Founded in 1970, Yeşilköy Roma Dondurmacısı started its operations as one of the first shops in Yeşilköy. It has been serving on the same street for more than 40 years without compromising its taste and quality. In our meetings with Yeşilköy Roma Dondurmacısı, we determined their demands and needs. Afterwards, we caught a team atmosphere with selfless work and realized a very efficient coordination in a short time.

Yeşilköy Roma Dondurmacısı

Yeşilkoy Roma Dondurmacısı is a local and boutique business with a deep-rooted history and the about us, history and contact sections that every corporate website should have are also available on this website. The website also includes the introduction of the branches of Yeşilköy Roma Dondurmacısı in different locations and a photo gallery with content from all branches. There are also links to social media accounts and a franchise application form. The website is integrated with the hot food ordering system, which is a system in which menus are listed with prices, online orders can be placed by signing up through the website, and the order is prepared and sent by the company after the order is entered into the system. Hot food ordering system order reports are displayed in the system and the places where orders are accepted can be customized on the system. 

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