Derya Krom Sanayi

Derya Krom Sanayi

Derya Krom Sanayi was established in 1986. After 1989, the company turned its main target to the chemical industry and continues its working life with projects carried out with tanks, reactors, pressure vessels, mixers, pilot plant applications and sector laboratories. In our meetings with Derya Krom Sanayi, we first prepared a work plan that responds to the company's requests. During the design process, we adhered to this plan and worked hard in cooperation with Derya Krom Sanayi officials. As a result of these efforts, the website was launched. It is a pleasure for us to have a contribution to the successful result obtained after the site was launched.

Derya Krom Sanayi

About us and contact pages, which are considered as a must for corporate websites, are also available on this website. In addition to these pages, there is also a services page on the website where the services offered by the company are categorized and presented in detail. In addition, there is a page titled products where the company's products are categorized and technical and general features are explained in detail. In addition, the website has 2 different language options, English and Turkish, and redirection features to the relevant social media accounts. The user-friendly website has been optimized, accelerated and made mobile-friendly. Thanks to the Content Management System on the website, the company can dynamically edit the content on the website.
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