Doğan Yapı ve İnşaat

Doğan Yapı ve İnşaat

Doğan Yapı ve İnşaat is a building - construction company that started its business life in 2004 in the field of aluminum and PVC joinery and expanded its business life with various building systems. In our first meetings with Doğan Yapı ve İnşaat, we drew a road map for the design of the website. We carried out our design work in line with this road map. Throughout our design work, we had a good coordination with the officials of Doğan Yapı ve İnşaat. Thus, we contributed to the success achieved with the launch of the website.

Doğan Yapı ve İnşaat

About us and contact pages, which are found on most corporate websites and where important information about a company's corporate identity is shared, are also available on this website. In addition to these pages, there is also a references page on the website where references are displayed. In addition to these pages, there is a services page where the services offered by the company are explained in detail in a categorized manner. Thanks to the search bar that provides the in-site search feature, users who search the website will easily find what they are looking for. Thanks to the Content Management System, the content of the website is dynamically updated. Designed to be user-friendly, the website has been optimized, accelerated and made mobile-friendly.


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