Nus Jewellery

Nus Jewellery

Nus Jewellery is a jewelry company located in Nuruosmaniye, the historical district of Istanbul. A unique solution was prepared for Nus Jewellery in the B2B structure, which is widely preferred in the jewelry industry. In the meetings we held with Nus Jewellery officials, we first identified their demands and desires. Then, thanks to the devoted work of our team and Nus Jewellery officials, a harmonious coordination took place. This coordination had an undeniable share in the successful outcome.

Nus Jewellery

The website has about us and contact sections, which should be on every corporate website, and two language options, English and Turkish. On the website, the products are categorized as 14 carat, 24 carat, diamond and diamond and the necessary information and visuals about the products in each category are presented. In addition, there is a membership system and member login specially designed for Nus Jewellery. Thanks to this system, some details that are not wanted to be shared with everyone are shared only with the dealers and members who log in. Thanks to the label system applied on the products, the details of the products with and without stones can be seen. As a pioneering move in the jewelry sector, all the services available on the website were also prepared for the mobile application and made available on the mobile application. The fact that the website is prepared in a B2B structure is one of the important qualities that make the website stand out. Thanks to the Content Management System, product information and other content can be dynamically updated.


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