Kaan Medikal

Kaan Medikal

Engin Design transformed KaanMed's web presence with a cutting-edge, bilingual site, focusing on functionality, responsive design, and optimized page speeds. Our comprehensive digital consultancy underscored their medical laboratory expertise.

Kaan Medikal

KaanMed Laboratory Solutions: Crafting a Modern Digital Presence


When the experts at KaanMed Laboratory Solutions, based in the pulsing heart of Istanbul, sought to amplify their digital voice, they approached Engin Design for an all-encompassing transformation. They envisioned a digital platform that seamlessly showcases their cutting-edge medical laboratory products spanning Toxicology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, and Analytical Chemistry.

Our Strategy:

In an era where staying updated with trends isn't just a luxury but a necessity, our team dedicated itself to creating a state-of-the-art web design for KaanMed. By tapping into the latest design paradigms, we encapsulated a fresh and contemporary aesthetic that doesn't just cater to today's norms but sets new benchmarks.

Multilingual & Global:

A nod to the cosmopolitan fabric of Istanbul and the international reach of KaanMed, the website proudly flaunts bilingual capabilities. Users can fluidly transition between Turkish and English, ensuring that KaanMed communicates effectively to a diverse audience.

Functionality at its Core:

While aesthetics were pivotal, functionality was paramount. We empowered KaanMed with a potent control panel, granting them total command over their content. This was paired with a responsive design ensuring a seamless experience across devices. And of course, in an age of fleeting attention spans, we ensured that page speeds were optimized to perfection, aligning with the best SEO practices.

All-rounded Digital Consultancy:

Our collaboration with KaanMed wasn’t confined to just web design and development. We dove deep, offering them tailored consultancy services, paving the way for a robust content management strategy, and ensuring their message was loud, clear, and resonant.


The revamped https://kaanmed.com.tr/en doesn't just exist - it thrives, sings, and resonates. It's a testament to our commitment to quality, innovation, and our unwavering focus on client vision. With a blend of style, substance, and strategic thinking, we've redefined how KaanMed engages with the world.

Ready to embark on your digital transformation journey? Let Engin Design be your compass.

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