Kaynak Malzeme

Kaynak Malzeme

Engin Industrial Gases and Welding Materials is a company that has been providing industrial gas sales and services since 1966 and has reached a wide commercial portfolio today. As a result of the meetings we held with the company officials, we first prepared an action plan that responded to the company's requests and requirements. We continued our design work within the framework of this action plan. Thanks to the dedicated work of our team during the design phase, the project was completed quickly.

Kaynak Malzeme

About us and contact pages, which are indispensable for corporate websites, provide information about the corporate structure of the company and contain contact information, are also available on this website. On this website, which is an e-commerce integrated website, customers can shop online securely. In addition to these features, there are also redirects to relevant social media accounts. The user-friendly website has been optimized, accelerated and made mobile-friendly. The website is also equipped with an in-site search engine and e-bulletin registration modules. The visual and written content on the website is updated by the company through the Content Management System.

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