Masel Kalıp

Masel Kalıp

Masel Kalıp is a reliable company that is aware of all these sensitivities with 25 years of molding experience and plans its production according to these criteria and serves with this understanding. In the meetings we held with the company, we first created a road map that responds to the company's requests. Thanks to this road map, which we adhered to during the design process, we fulfilled the requested service transparently and quickly. In this context, we are pleased to provide service to Masel Kalıp.

Masel Kalıp

In addition to the about us, machine park and human resources pages reflecting the corporate structure of the company, we tried to introduce the company in the best way possible with the contact page. In addition to these pages, there are pages titled products and services that introduce the products and services offered by the company in detail. Due to the international structure of the company, the website has 3 different language options as Turkish, English and German. Thanks to the in-site search bar, the products and services searched on the website can be easily found. The user-friendly website is also mobile compatible. Thanks to the CMS (Content Management System), the content on the website can be edited by the company.

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