Optik B2B

Optik B2B

We realized the implementation and integration of one of our business-to-business e-commerce (B2B) solutions for the optical industry.

Optik B2B

It is published on https://optikb2b.com/, which is the wholesale and ordering system we prepared for Optik Dünyası. Special design, software editing and integrated with corporate accounting software were realized by us. As Engin Design team; We provided services on B2B website and mobile application, integration software. It was integrated with corporate accounting systems. A non-standard software process such as a complex product configuration, model selection, right eye left eye different degrees of ordering was progressed.

We worked and progressed in cooperation with the Optik Dünyası team in the development of the software, design and content strategy

A special design was applied for Optical B2B. With the B2B ordering system, we aimed to offer its products to its dealers faster with the B2B interface and model presentation facilities that enable dealers to order optics, lenses, glasses and accessories, and to offer faster ordering and payment options to its dealers

Optik B2B site, which is designed as an optical wholesale and ordering system, has B2B software and integration. It is possible for dealers to see new models, add them to the cart and make payments by logging into the system. Campaign and new product notifications are received via mobile application. Tracking their orders and getting order reports can be realized easily and quickly through the B2B system

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