Software Development

Software Development

We produce software that works on web-based and mobile applications. The software applications we produce are prepared in a modular structure running on a PHP-MySQL system. Content management systems, e-commerce, B2B and B2C applications, integrations, presentation-ordering systems, customer relationship management system (CRM), project management system, online reservation systems, field tracking programs, food ordering system, survey sites, photo and video galleries, production tracking and reporting systems and similar software are the types of software we have experience in. 

Mobile Application Design

In addition to web-based software, in recent years, we have started to focus on mobile applications in the fields of presentation, ordering, promotion and B2B e-commerce. The main reason for this is that the number of people accessing the internet via mobile devices is increasing day by day. Now, many transactions are carried out on mobile devices without going to the computer. In terms of having a wide usage area, the importance of mobile applications seems to increase more in the coming years.

Special Software Solutions

Many companies use packaged software to meet their needs arising in business processes. However, in some cases, software offered as a package cannot fully meet the needs of companies. In some cases, package software solutions unnecessarily increase costs because they contain services they do not need. The most effective way to eliminate the disadvantages of package software solutions is to offer customized software services to companies. With custom software service, software can be prepared that will enable you to easily overcome the difficulties that arise in your company's business processes. Thanks to custom software, updates and improvements can be made quickly for your emerging needs. As Engin Tasarım, we first listen to your requests and analyze your needs. Then, in line with these analyzes, we prepare our completely customized software solutions in coordination with you. With our innovative team, we can easily make the updates and improvements you will need in the coming years.

If you prefer a special software or mobile application for your company, we would like to evaluate your requests and offer our solution offers. Click to contact us.

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