Özcan Kimya

Özcan Kimya

Özcan Kimya has been serving in the water-based adhesives sector since 1982 by producing homopolymers and copolymers of PVA-based adhesives. In our first meetings with Özcan Kimya, we prepared a work plan that would respond to the priorities and requirements of the company together with the company officials. After the preparation of this plan, we continued our communication and coordination continuously throughout the design process of the website in order to reduce the margin of error between us to zero. Thus, we also contributed to the success realized with the launch of the website.

Özcan Kimya

About Us, Human Resources and Contact pages, which are considered to be a must for corporate websites, are also available on Özcan Kimya website. In addition to these pages, there are also pages titled articles and useful information that demonstrate the competence and authority of the company in the sector in which it operates. There is also a products page on the website where general and technical specifications of the products categorized according to sectors and types are explained to the customers. An in-site search bar on the website allows users to easily access the words they want to find on the website. In addition to these features, the website has 2 different language options, English and Turkish. Designed to be user-friendly, the website has been optimized, accelerated and made mobile-friendly. The content on the website can easily be dynamically edited by Özcan Kimya through the Content Management System.özcankimya


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