VIP-TEC Professional Hand Tools

VIP-TEC Professional Hand Tools

VIP-TEC is a brand of Ar Metal and Forging Hand Tools and manufactures robust, strong, sharp and safe utility knives for industrial and professional use as well as hobby and promotional purposes. VIP-TEC, a brand that appeals to the domestic and international market, wanted a website to be designed in order to better introduce itself to its customers and increase its trade volume. In line with the wishes of the brand, we designed and launched a website with a stylish and unique design. Thanks to the coordination we achieved with the brand's officials, we completed the design process easily and quickly. We are pleased to contribute to the success of the company with its new website.

VIP-TEC Professional Hand Tools

The website has a corporate page where the company is introduced as a corporate and a contact page where contact information is shared. In addition to these pages, there is a products page where the products are categorized and introduced in detail with the help of images and tables. Apart from this page, customers can access information about the products from the catalog through the catalog in the top menu. Apart from the certificates showing the competence of the company in its field, there is also a blog page on the website that proves that the company is an authority in its field. There are also links to other relevant websites and social media accounts of the brand on the website. The website is supported by an e-bulletin module so that customers can follow current developments. As a necessity for the company to address the foreign market, the website has two different language options, Turkish and English. The website has a user-friendly interface and customers can easily request a price from the brand with the request quote button. Finally, the content on the website is easily updated by the company through the Content Management System.

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