CelluBOR is a heat and sound insulation product made of cellulose wool obtained from the recycling of waste newsprint and boron additives produced with domestic facilities.


Since CelluBOR provides thermal and insulation services in large-scale buildings such as hotels, residences and workplaces, brand recognition was vital for this company. In the meetings we held with CelluBOR officials, we first identified the needs and requests. In the following stages, we held frequent meetings and meetings in order to keep our coordination and cooperation with CelluBOR officials at the highest level. Together with our expert team and CelluBOR officials, we worked devotedly to bring the CelluBOR brand to the place it deserves in the sector.

We offered web design, content writing, search engine optimization, target audience optimization, digital marketing strategy creation and social media services to increase CelluBOR's brand recognition and we had a share in the considerable success in a short time. The website has about us, references, documents and contact pages, which are the basic elements of a corporate website, in addition to detailed service and product introductions, e-newsletter module and blog pages. Thanks to the content management system, the website can be dynamically updated and its content can be edited.  The CelluBOR website also raises awareness about boron and domestic production and emphasizes that we support domestic production. In order for CelluBOR to reach the place it deserves in the foreign market, the website was prepared with the English language option.

With the increase in brand recognition, CelluBOR has seen an increase in demand and has started to expand to foreign markets.


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