Yapıtaş Kablo ve Profil

Yapıtaş Kablo ve Profil

Founded in 1976, Yapıtaş Kablo & Profil is a company that has realized many firsts in our country in the field of cable production by focusing on the production of special cables with high foreign dependency. In the meetings we held with Yapıtaş, we first determined the company's requests. We prepared a road map in line with these determinations and adhered to this road map throughout the design process. As a result of the positive atmosphere and coordination we achieved with the officials of Yapıtaş Kablo & Profil, we quickly launched the website. We are happy to contribute to the successful results achieved with the launch of the website.

Yapıtaş Kablo ve Profil

About us, contact and human resources pages, which are considered essential for corporate websites, are also available on this website. In addition to this page, there is also a products page on the website where the products are categorized and introduced to customers in detail. There is also a page on the website where technical information on the areas in which the company operates is supported by PDFs. In addition, there is a media page on the website where photos, videos, e-bulletins and e-catalogs promoting the areas in which the company operates, the products and services it offers are available. In addition to these features, the website has social media icons that direct to the relevant social media accounts and a search bar that allows in-site searches. The website has two different language options, English and Turkish. Optimized and accelerated, the website has a stylish and user-friendly interface and is mobile compatible. Thanks to the Content Management System, the company can edit the visual and written content and PDF files on the website.
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