Fika Fiş ve Kablo

Fika Fiş ve Kablo

Fika Plug and Cable company has been operating in the Plug and Cable sector since 2007, as is evident from its name. In the first meetings we held with Fika Plug and Cable company, we first prepared a work plan that will respond to the company's requests. Within the framework of this work plan, we carried out a selfless work in good coordination with the officials of Fika Plug and Cable company. After this design phase, we launched the website. This is how we contributed to the success achieved by launching the website.

Fika Fiş ve Kablo

The website, which is specially designed to reflect the innovative and corporate structure of the company to the users in the best way, primarily has about us, human resources and contact pages that introduce the corporate structure of the company. Apart from this page, there is also a certificates page where the certificates of the company are exhibited. In addition to these pages, there is a page titled products where the company's products are categorized and explained in detail. In addition to these features, the website offers two different language options, English and Turkish. There are also social media icons on the website that redirect to the relevant social media accounts. The website is designed to be mobile compatible and optimized and accelerated. The price quotation module, which allows customers to easily obtain price quotes, also supports the website. Thanks to the Content Management System on the website, the company can edit the written and visual content on the website as desired.


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