Genç Mühendislik

Genç Mühendislik

Genç Engineering is a construction, energy, installation engineering and contracting company established in 1996 to provide industrial buildings, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, commercial and residential buildings as well as electromechanical installation project and application services in Turkey and abroad. In our first meetings with Genç Mühendislik, we first determined the wishes of the company. Then we prepared a work plan in line with these wishes. Throughout the design process, we carried out a dedicated team work by sticking to this plan. In this context, we are happy to contribute to the success achieved with the publication of the site.

Genç Mühendislik

This website has corporate and contact pages where the corporate structure of the company is reflected in the best way as in our other corporate websites. In addition to these pages, there is a services page where categorized services are presented and explained in detail. There is also a references page where references are displayed in order to reassure the company's new customers. There is also a projects page where the company's completed and ongoing projects are introduced to users. The company's promotional movie and icons directing to the relevant social media accounts are also among the prominent features of the website. The website, which is optimized and accelerated, is also mobile compatible.

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