Öykü Etiket

Öykü Etiket

Established in 1995, Öykü Etiket Matbaacılık Sanayi offers services in various fields such as leather labels, cardboard labels, sticker labels, jacquard labels, barcode labels, pvc labels, non-flowable labels, screen printing and uv printing. In the meetings we held with Öykü Etiket company, we first determined the wishes of the company. As a result of these determinations, we started our work to realize a design that responds to these requests. While continuing our work, we worked with team spirit and published a website that meets expectations in a short time.

Öykü Etiket

About us and contact pages, which provide information about the company's institutionalization and contact information, are available on the website. In addition to these pages, references and gallery pages that provide confidence to the company's customers are also available on the website. In addition, the services offered by the company are presented to the customers with our labels and services pages on the website. Thanks to the optimization made on the website, which has two different language options, English and Turkish, the website has been accelerated. Thanks to the CMS (Content Management System) on the mobile compatible website, the content on the website can be easily edited by the company.



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